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Register of War Memorials in New South Wales

In the aftermath of the Great War, communities across Australia built war memorials to perpetuate the memory of those who served their country and who lie buried in foreign soil or beneath the seas. Their memory must not be diminished by the passage of time.

There are more than 3,000 war memorials in our State, and the NSW Government and the RSL (NSW Branch) are committed to documenting each of these memorials with care and respect.

This worthwhile task can only be accomplished using the combined resources of local councils, RSL sub-branches and our schools. No memorial is too small or insignificant to be counted because each records a priceless sacrifice.

What better way for our school children to learn a love of their country than to visit their local memorials, photograph them and record the names of those who fought and died.

This information will then be loaded onto the Internet so that people across the nation can view these memorials, look up the names of their forebears and reflect on the heavy price paid in the cause of freedom.

Now that all the original ANZACs have passed on, it is up to us to keep the flame of remembrance alight. The Register of War Memorials in NSW is an important initiative that deserves the support of every community, school, RSL sub-branch and local council.

Lest we forget.

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Entries as at 04 February, 2012:

War Memorials: 2,058
Veteran Names: 181,677

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